A world

October 24, 2007
By Anonymous

Once upon a time
I lived in a world
where we all cried for the same reason
where we all laughed with the same passion.
A world
where we all danced in the same raindrops
and dreamt under the same stars.

I thought I knew a world
where we sang when we heard music
where we cried when we were sad.
Where we ran forever
just because nothing was stopping us.
Where we weren’t afraid to fling our heads back
and laugh hysterically.

I remember a world
where our brother’s heart was ours
where friendship was eternity.
Where we extended our hands
to those that lay on the ground.

Didn’t we come from a world
where we all grew from the same seed
where we all walked the same path
to the same destination.
Where we were all equal.

What ever happened to the world
where we were free to spread our wings
and fly into the sunset.
Where we lived with no regrets
we weren’t afraid to die.
Where no chains lay on our wrists,
no collars around our necks.
A world
where all the purities of heaven existed
where evil
was closed up in a bottle.

Now we face a world
where second chances may never come
where the freedom of our youth is forever in the past.
Where when we stand on the ground,
we are as high as we are ever allowed to fly,
as deep as we can ever dig.
Where all the bottles have been smashed,
the remnants swept into our faces.
Where we are forced to put the pieces back together
in a puzzle
that we did not break.
A world
where all we have to look forward to
is a shallow pair of footsteps,
meant for us to follow.

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