A Light Outward Shone

October 24, 2007
Smiles and laughter, a light outward shone
She had it all, but it was all a lie
A beautiful girl, lost and all alone
Who can save a life that is so far gone

Everyday she faked a smile
Hiding her tears behind a mask
She was a light shining in radiance
But it never reached beyond her eyes

Deep blue oceans sparkling like jewels
But the jewels lay broken and worn
Tears glistened like icy rain
A terrible sadness hidden deep in the heart of the ocean

When the cold wind blows
Her heart is opened up with sorrow
She looks up to the heavens
Her tears mixing with the rain

But when the sun shines brightly
She smiles though she wants to cry
She laughs though her heart is breaking
She carries on though her soul is lost

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