Child soldiers

May 31, 2010
The world is dead; it’s all in my head
As I walk around, brushing the ashes off the ground
Tombstones start to appear, as I scream and no one can hear
The pain in my voice, this wasn’t my choice
Why is everyone gone, it’s not even dawn
As I look around, wanting to fall down
And scream my hate, this isn’t my fate
I would be laughed at, I say screw that
Let the ones that I regret begin to forget
That this is me, and I won’t be
The one to change you, man this won’t do
You’re walking and joking with me, pointing the blame
At all of them, man that’s just lame
When you say none of it’s your fault, I come to a halt
Well look around you, no ones to hear you
So blame away, that’s all you did they’ll say
When the call was called, you were hiding behind a wall
As all of the children grabbed a gun
When they could have been having fun
When the bullets began to fly, you began wondering why
All of this had to happen, those people start clappin
When the children cry out, their blood spills about
Now the child soldiers are dead, lying in a hospital bed
Bullet holes in their chest, now they can rest

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BrendansLeadingLady said...
Jan. 4, 2011 at 2:01 pm
Il est terriblement triste et beau et élégamment écrit. Il est exquis.
Abbandoned replied...
Jan. 18, 2011 at 12:08 am
thank you. it took me forever to find a right translator for what you had posted. I thought it might of been a little harsh for certiant people to read but ehh
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