October 24, 2007
By Brenda VillaseƱor, Roy, UT

It only takes one time for someone to learn.
Ever since he lied to me, cheated on me...hurt me,
I've learned.
I cried for him once and only once;
Never again will I cry.
I can't love, I can't be loved;
I'm afraid it's going to happen one more time,
And I'll just end up getting hurt.
I don't want to get hurt again.
How do I understand the reason of life?
How do I believe when I've lost faith?
How do I forget the past?
How do I trust when I've gotten betrayed?
They say life isn't how it seems;
To learn we must fall,
To win we must lose,
What goes around, comes around,
You get what you deserve,
And life is what you make it.
I never wanted, I don't want, nor will I ever want to suffer.
Is life really like this?
I know the truth is that at the end,
Love always hurts.
Yet I'm still a coward.
Coward not the one who cries for love,
Coward the one who doesn't love in fear of crying.
I want my wings back;
My wings to fly and love.
Help me find peace,
Take away this pain I beg you,
Save me please!

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