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May 30, 2010
By bblz22 PLATINUM, Owasso, Oklahoma
bblz22 PLATINUM, Owasso, Oklahoma
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"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place." -Anonymous

I used to see you
As a loving,
Sweet brother. Now
Just evil doing.

I have this
Amazing wish,
That we could
Go back to the bliss

Of when you were
Always my protector
When you were
Always there.

When you really
Had free will,
Not just turn
To another pill.

Or go off and
Take another hit,
Now you are
Just full of sh-.

You have turned
Into a monster
You have lost the
Heart to care.

You are no longer
My brother chase,
Just someone
Sent to replace.

The one who
Was lovable,
The one who
Was findable.

I just want the
Old you back,
But thanks to
Your lack

Of smartness, it seems
It’s no longer possible.
Or even if
That’s plausable.

You have shut
Us all out,
Have us wonder when or
If you’ll come about.

Sometimes I
Begin to wonder
What in your
Mind you conjure.

Is any of your
Thoughts true?
Do you see all the crap
You put everyone through?

How can you even
Look in the mirror
W/out sceaming in
Rage and terror?

At what you’ve done?
Have you realized,
You haven’t won?
Many have cried.

Of everything, you cause
Neverending hurt and pain
Honestly you are
Like a big frate train

That has no way
At all to stop.
You took it
Way over the top.

Now you know
That it’s getting late
You finally want
A clean slate,

You don’t wanna
Go to jail,
It’s your
Version of hell.

You don’t wanna
Face what you’ve done,
And face that
You ARE a con.

Like I said,
Just go away,
It dont matter
What others say.

You’re never goona
Change your ways,
Your words are
Nothing but a maze,

Will the truth ever
Be unwound?
Or are you
Forever bound?

Your voice is just
A broken record,
Please tell
Me you get bored.

How much
More loss,
Are you
Willing to cause?

When are you
Gonna realize,
And open up
Your eyes??

Are you gonna face
What you’ve done,
Or forevermore
Be a dumb con?


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