I felt like I died

October 24, 2007
By Heather Moore, Wets Paris, ME

The lies that people tell
They make you feel blamed for
The things that were said
You just wanted more

The lies you have said
The thoughts in my head
Were that no one believed me
And everyone was dead

The poem of hate tread
This poem of truth
Were more than the lies
For the rest of my youth

The way that I feel
The feeling inside
That you lied
Are burnt in my mind

The way that you act
You know you did it
And you don't tell the truth
Are you glad that you did it

A way that you act like nothing happened
The things that were done
People don't believe me
But I'm sure there were some

So why did you lie
About the worthless of time
This poem is about what went on
And I hope you had the best damn time

And why do you act that way
The way that you act
About those couple days
For one little fact

I will never let go
Of the fact that you lied
I want you to tell the truth
I felt like I died

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