Love til the End

October 24, 2007
By olivia boyce, Farmington, WV

There's always that one person
Who is with you in your dreams
That so-so special person
Who knows just what you mean
And when you go to sleep
When you lay your head to rest
You know something is wrong
Because your heart, it is possessed
Possessed by an angel
Who is always by your side
You never saw it coming
It caught you by surprise
But the love it feels so right
The love it feels so pure
You can never get enough
It keeps you wanting more
You miss him when he's gone
You love him when he's here
Before my life was blurry
But honey, you made it clear
You have shown me the way
The way to bluer skies
And when I fall asleep
I only see your eyes
I know that I'm in love
Cuz I see the world in your eyes
I see all of the "hellos"
And all of the "good-byes"
I guess this is how love feels
This is the way it goes
Our love will never diminish
Our love will only grow
I hope you feel the way I do
I hope you understand
That you're my baby
And honey, I'm your woman
I'm not sure about everything
But I know this much is true
You mean everything to me
And... I love you

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