May 27, 2010
By RainbowsAndSafetyPins GOLD, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
RainbowsAndSafetyPins GOLD, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
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Be yourself, don't take anyones shit, and never let them take you alive.-Gerard way

On this cold, windy night
With the winter so white
I sit on my window
Im not sure, I don't know
But i hear you say my name
Mild hallucination? Maybe I'm insane
Its possible
And slightly plausible
That the wind carries you colloquy
Across the sea to me

I walk the halls an entity
I am missing our us, our we
Cursed by the crowds ebb and flow
Im not sure.I don't know
But i think i see butterflies
They don't tell lies
And i hear you say my name
I'm lost, no longer sane

I don't sleep any more, but i dream
Of you. Sometimes it seems
As if you appear
Right hear
is it possible?
Or slightly plausible
That the wind carries your colloquy
that the butterflies fly you to me
So love tell me how
It is possible
And ever so plausible
That i am going insane
-Crazy in love with you-

The author's comments:
I was maybe just a little not okay in the head when i wrote this.I am completely truthful in that i did hear and see things for a short while.I hadn't slept or eaten in about 4-5 days.And i was away form the only one i wanted to be with.

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