A dove is to a rabbit as a...

May 27, 2010
By RainbowsAndSafetyPins GOLD, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
RainbowsAndSafetyPins GOLD, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
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Be yourself, don't take anyones shit, and never let them take you alive.-Gerard way

You walk so beautifully
An angel of light
Darling if i am magical
then you are my magician

You love me so perfectly
A love so strong and bright
Baby if i am your star
Than you are my sky

You speak so colorfully
Rainbows pale in comparison to your sight
Love if i am an addict
Than you are my drug

Our love will last eternally
A love so perfect and right
Honey if i am the lyrics
Than you are my melody
So sing me to sleep
And always keep
My heart my love my soul
And i will always love you
Without any doubts
Eternally. Forever.

The author's comments:
Yes. This is one of those lovey-dovey little poems.

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