nonsense poem about emma

May 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Nonsense Poem about Emma

I have a Friend named Emma.
She is fun and very speedy.
She has a boy friend named Chadwick.
I like him he’s pretty sick.

Emma is very energetic.
One time she stabbed me with a stick.
Emma and I are really tight.
But sometimes we like to fight.

We also have a friend named Stephen.
Girls rate him a ten even.
We both have beards that Emma likes.
She wishes we could ride mountain bikes.

This poem makes no sense.
But who cares.
But at least it’s better than being eaten by a group of bears.

Emma is a really fun girl.
But she does weird things that might make you hurl.
Her brother hates me with a passion.
But I don’t care I can smash him.

Again a want to say this poem is lame.
But Emma is kinda the same.
Emma I’m truly sorry if you ever read this.
But you won’t so I don’t care.

Emma is a pretty girl.
She says that’s BS she’d make people hurl.
She loves the word snot.
And she can’t tie a knot.

So Emma I hope you liked your poem.
Sorry is was kinda GAY.
But what can I say.

To answer your question. Yes
This poem never ends.
Cause Emma has really nice eyes.
And gets all the guys. (she hates me for putting that in there?)

She never lies,
But sometime, she cries.
She killed a person.
That’s because she a dunce.

Stephen and I are the ones who wrote this poem.
We did this because we have no lives at home.
We sit and play our musical instruments.
We do this, because were illegal immigrants.

Emma thanks for being a champ.
And loving to jump on my tramp.
People think you’re cool.
And when Chad sees you he begins to drool.
Especially when she’s in the pool.
Even when she’s at school.

Emma also loves music.
And thinks Kobe Bryant is sick.
I think he was the Lakers first draft pick.
Just kidding I think he’s worst then a stick.

Emma really hated that stanza.
But I don’t really care.
Well look at me I have facial hair.
I can’t finish this sentence and a???????

Never mind :/

Emma’s favorite song is fallin’
This song gets her ballin’
I don’t know what to write, I’m stallin’

One day Emma poured water on Stephen.
Stephen then swore to get even.
So he went to her house.
And hid in there a mouse.

But that was a stupid prank because Emma loves mice.

Finally this poem comes to an end.
And Emma I’m glad you’re my friend.
So peace out girl.
And I hope to see you again.
Which I will at school tomorrow when you slap me after reading this.
Now I know you thought I was done.
But this is way too much fun.
So Stephen and I are going to write some more.
Even though many people think this is a bore.

Emma has a Mom named Michelle.
I think she’s going to ……. Shoot nothing rhymes with Michelle ?
Oh well.

I think Michelle is the Bomb.
She’s a super swell mom.
Oh man I should have said she’s the
I’ll make it up by asking her to prom.

Holy crap this poem is almost three pages long.
That’s longer then the Free Bird song.

Emma says that Stephen and I have too much time on our hands.
Well Emma who’s going to have the last laugh when we have a million fans (on YouTube).
When I write this poem I feel like a noob.

I think this poem is finally coming to an end.
Cause I can’t think of a rhyme.
And this is taking way too much time.

Well it was fun.
But soon I gotta run.
I hope you enjoyed this.
I’m really trying not to force this.

Well I hoped you enjoyed learning about Emma.
Needy rhymes with Reedy okay Emma is very needy.
But all in all she’s really nice.
And this poem has pages of thrice.

Finally it comes to an end .
Don’t worry I’m not lying.
So Emma again thanks for being my friend.
Most of you I bet are laughing so hard you’re dying.
Now that this poem is three pages long.
I’m going to turn it into a song.

Okay ya I’m done enjoy your poem Emma.

The author's comments:
its a fun poem

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