Never Ending Affection

June 9, 2010
By sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
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"Si tu viens n'importe quand, je ne saurais jamais à quelle heure, m'habiller le cœur." - Antoinne de Saint-Exupery

My vision is a spectrum of colors in a mix,
And they are all captivated around you,
All parts of my heart begin to collide and intertwine,
So I think I’ll just take the time,
To play out my these scenarios in my video-recording mind,
It always seems to start and stop at only the moments,
Where you walk in and out,

Take a glance in my direction, I’m nothing but an extemporaneous mess,
I-I-I don’t even know what to say to you,
It’s like I get this sickness in my stomach,
And it’s as if I can’t seem to look you in the eyes when you pass by,
Shyness arrives at my door,
He’s knocked once or twice before,
And when he’s there it’s as if my words are scrambled like flowers in a field,
Words aren’t even enough to explain to you what I’d like to say to you,

It’s such a shame I can’t sink my teeth into your mind,
Just to find out how you feel for me,
Change my mind,
Through my eyes, you’re French language,
Show me there’s more to you than your,
Syllables laced in serene beauty,
I want to know the way you’re written,
Just getting down your accent would be decent,
I need to know I’m not wasting my time,

For time may be running out,
Just know in time my feelings for you will never die out,
They’ll stay glued to you like magnets to a fridge,
Stronger than the bonding of bones,
They’ll withstand even the biggest of storms,

You’re my only shooting star tonight,
You can say what you want,
But know that I’ll be wishing you’d say,
That you feel the same way.

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