Angel of the Earth

June 9, 2010
By sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
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"Si tu viens n'importe quand, je ne saurais jamais à quelle heure, m'habiller le cœur." - Antoinne de Saint-Exupery

I think out of all the more than a million angels in the world,
You were meant to be the one for me,
Your wings - always hidden within your shadow,
But one day God will let them fly you to beautiful places in the world,
Where the water is of the clearest blue,
We won’t need to know which way the wind blew,
Because they’ll be light and soothing like the sun’s rays wrapping his body around me,
Like a pen caressing it’s way to the bottom of a paper,
If I was lying, I wouldn’t even be here,

I swear, it was you who saved my life,
And I’ll be savoring a smile just for you,
Please paint every piece of my soul,
And maybe I can feel home again,
You are my home,
And may it last so long that the seasons never die,
Cradle me in a song,
Give me that feeling of safety and serenity,
And I’ll do the same,
So we can live happy eternally,

And as the years go by we’ll realize,
We forgot about the holidays,
Even the mad and the sad days,
But we didn’t forget about each other’s birthdays.

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