June 8, 2010
By , Novi, MI
I look at her and she looks at me.
I move left. She follows, curiously.
This reflection, seemingly the same.
Are my faults yours to blame?
If only you knew what I knew.
Are you me or am I you?
Are we “us”? Or something in between?
Well, I am young, only fifteen
I think thoughts beyond my years,
And I’ve found nothing is as it appears.
I believe that love is a rainstorm that darkens the skies
And one day, humanity will be the world’s demise.
I’ve seen love and I’ve heard death
I feel life with every breath.
It’s amazing to see the strides of mankind,
But when will the world stop to unwind?
Rush here and hurry there,
Just stop to breathe the open air.
I am a victim to this rush of the world,
But all I want is my soul to be unfurled
For everyone to see. All that will be, will be
And I will still only be just me.
But is that enough for them?
Will my fragile heart be the one to condemn?
Oh, Reflection, if you are me, and I am you,
Can you tell me which is true?
Am I broken or am I strong?
Am I right or am I wrong?
Do I want respect or covet power?
Will my efforts fall flat? Turn sour?
Reflection, help me to finally see
What truly composes me.
These thoughts, however, are all in vain
My static reflection is all that will remain.

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believer16 said...
Jul. 6, 2010 at 7:16 pm
wow. i just signed up today and whoever you might be..this poem is really something. i love the way it contridictes itself and questions what will be. amazing job:)
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