Under The Bed

June 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Monsters hiding underneath the bed.
I was so scared, I grabbed my bear, Ted.
I call my mom for help,
and I let our a yelp!

Mom says it’s all in my head.
I feel embarrassed and my face turns red.
She leaves and says I should sleep.
So I try to count some sheep.

I try to sleep, but its useless,
I toss and turn, but it’s no success!
I hear a noise
it’s not one of my toys.

I know the monster is here.
it is very near.
It will come and eat me!
Start at my toes and then my knees!

Chew on my insides and eat out my face!
NO! I will face my fears here at this place!
I look under the bed,
My dog, Trixi is there instead.

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