October 24, 2007
She smiles sweetly
To hide her fear
To hide the pain
That is always near

Her stomach aches
From being sad
She wants to sop
Feeling so bad

She wishes the world
Were a happier place
That way she could put
A smile on her face

Will know one notice
The pain that’s inside
Can know on see
How much she’s cried

Wanting to feel free
Wanting to be happy
Tired of pretending
There is no misery

What will it take
For people to know
That the smile she shows
Is actually fake

She has the world fooled
Thinking she pleased
With how her life going
Can they be so naïve?

But someday soon
Someone will see
And notice that there
Is no bring moon
To light up her misery
To fade away her pain
And make her really
Smile once again

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