The Wilderness's Call

June 4, 2010
By Shadoe BRONZE, Westlake Village, California
Shadoe BRONZE, Westlake Village, California
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Deep in a hidden chamber,
A girl sat chained to a wall,
Her head down.
Her will had been nearly crushed,
Hope was foreign to her,
Yet somehow music played in her heart.

A haunting tune,
Lyrics indecipherable but soothing,
Floated on the breeze.
They sang to her,
Called to her,
Lilting gently.

She cautiously raised her head,
Taking in the refined song,
Yearning for more.
The poignant melody
Resounded deep in her heart
Beckoning her.

The girl stepped forward in a trance,
Her chains pulling at her wrists,
Hindering her movement.
A frustrated growl broke out,
The song was summoning her,
Yet she was unable to follow.

Days passed,
The melody increasing in strength,
And the chains losing force.
After an eternity of gentle pulling,
The chains broke,
And the young ‘witch’ escaped.

She followed the sound
The sound of freedom,
The sound of bliss.
It pulled her further away,
Away from her home,
Away from the town of traitors.

Finally she reached the source
Of the music
That had so pulled at her heart.
It was the natural and the primitive
The untamed part of her
That had so been attracted to the call.

Once in the borders of the haven
The girl did finally feel free;
Here was a place she could be who she wanted!
No more injustice, no more pain,
This place was a forgotten part of her,
An ancient and neglected part.

It was now that she understood
Why she had so been drawn to the harmonious summon;
Here at the source of the call did she comprehend.
The source was the wild,
It had been the call of the wild,
And so the girl answered that call.

The author's comments:
This piece was written after reading the book, Call of the Wild. It is a sort of twist on the theme of that book

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