Starry Birthday

June 4, 2010
By sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
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"Si tu viens n'importe quand, je ne saurais jamais à quelle heure, m'habiller le cœur." - Antoinne de Saint-Exupery

you’re a taurus – born during the month of may,
and i hope that it’s safe when i say,
you are by far the kindest person i’ve ever met,
you have this aura that just makes me feel as if,
i’m that special person who just saw a shooting star,
so extraordinary so special so grand

if only you could take a grasp of my hand,
i’ll keep mine extended out,
even pull you up with you need that extra lift,
i just hope you know that i still wish,
that we could take some time to truly introduce ourselves to one another,

may it be staring out at sea watching the sunset,
slowly shifting from sunny day to starry night,
or as simple as a nice walk out in the park,
with a path of crisp and clean gravel grinding against each other per step,
it doesn’t matter – i’d just want the slightest second out of the day

it’s quite cliché of me to express my thoughts through poem,
but it’s the fact that it comes from the heart, right?
i don’t really care if you just happen to throw this,
away somewhere in this big world,
don’t care if you burn it to the slightest bits of ash,
because this isn’t the only poem of yours that i have in my stash,

but just to sum this all up,
i realize birthdays are overrated and all,
but i hope you have the great birthday while you’re still standing tall.

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