Now That You Are Gone

May 27, 2010
Always a tender shoulder to cry on
someone to lean on
always there by my side
but now, sadly your gone
How could you leave with so much unfinished dreams
It use to be the two of us against the world
now Its just me
Use to chill at the park
shared many laughs
but now I'm standing over you
your now ten feet below the ground
your so far, but I feel you close
right by my side watching over me
I would do the same for you
you were so young a beautiful soul
made me beleive in heaven
afterall there has to be a place for you to go
why did you die in such a tragic way?
you saw pain in my soul when everyone saw a smile
just like a true friend would
why did you go away leaving me without a friend
we shared tears and laughs
ups and downs
arguments that ended with a laugh
random things we did
experiences we shared
all that is now gone
but I'm proud
you fought for life
fought against death till your very last breath
had a smile on your face without showing pain
everytime I think of giving up
I hear your wise words
you left but taught people a lesson
your love filled the room
your life was so short but you loved every moment to the fullest
because of you I value life
It hurts but I have to bare the pain
goodbye my friend
you are now gone

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