I Believe

May 27, 2010
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I look around me,
And what do I see,
Everybody staring,
And talking of me.
I'm getting annoyed,
And pissed at the world,
I'm always stereotyped here,
By how much I can curl.
I'm not a weightlifter,
And I'm not that attractive,
The only good thing is,
I'm skinny, not massive.
Why can't I be accepted,
For the way that I am,
And not be forced,
To say yes sir or yes mam.
The world is a joke,
But I don't want to die,
I want to do the right thing,
But it's hard not to cry,
I know in the end,
It will all be alright,
If I stand up,
For myself and whats right.
In the end it won't matter,
How much I have curled,
Because if I try,
I can change the world.

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