May 27, 2010
By bblz22 PLATINUM, Owasso, Oklahoma
bblz22 PLATINUM, Owasso, Oklahoma
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"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place." -Anonymous

I thought it was,
All fine,
The perfect
Time to shine.

Turns out, it
Was the opposite,
So this again is what
It feels like to be hit.

When your all
The way down
Lost everything,
Even your crown.

Once so
Very happy.
Now having a wall up
So no one can see.

How broken you
Really are.
A fallen
Broken star.

You feel like
A major traitor,
All the way
Down to your core.

You've heard the
Word a million times.
Like a bunch of
Memorized lines.

Why would you give
Me what I didn't want?
Next time, could
You be more blunt?

I never wanted
To be a traitor.
Please, just
No more.

I'm sorry for
What I've done.
To all of us, He's
nothing but a con.

Just realize, he
Has to go.
Promise, it's not
Just a show.

It's a thing
Called reality,
And if we all
Had honesty,

We would all realize
He's the traitor.
Now and
Forever more.


The author's comments:
What I felt like.

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