I Will Be

May 27, 2010
By Deetay BRONZE, Chico, California
Deetay BRONZE, Chico, California
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Please don’t leave I will be all that you want just please give me another chance. You plead
I can’t give you anymore chances I have giving you so many. There is just nothing more I can do for you and me. He says walking away
You run in front of him blocking his way. And you say.

If it’s something I did I can fix it I know we can work this out I promise I will do anything. You try to persuade him not to leave but you know it’s too late you can’t do anything more.
Listen I didn’t want it to come to this but there’s some one else I am sorry. He walks away not even looking back.
You stand there frozen mind blank not knowing what to do you go back inside. Your mom asks what’s wrong you don’t answer you just go to your room. You sit on your bed staring at the jacket he left. You don’t know how long you were sitting there looking at it because when you looked outside it was dark. You eventually fall asleep when you wake in the morning you don’t even get dressed you just sit there staring at the jacket. Months go by your in such a depression you don’t even know what day it is. Your so dazed you get a text from your best friend saying she was the other girl your ex was talking about your suddenly out of your daze you cuss her out. Never thinking just texting. You runaway leavening notes every stop the notes all say the same thing “I will be what you will miss”. Your parents are following your trail until one week the notes stop. The final note was right by your body that was hanging from a tree this note was different this note said. I will never be what you wanted and I will be never what you missed I am sorry for that.

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