May 27, 2010
By bblz22 PLATINUM, Owasso, Oklahoma
bblz22 PLATINUM, Owasso, Oklahoma
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"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place." -Anonymous

Every little secret
w/ an individual lock
a person w/ a possible key
lurking like a hawk.

Her name is Sam,
and inside she is broken
she just wants to give
someone a free token.

She's tired
of who she's been
doesn't want others
to see her sin.

Of whats happened
in her long past
wanting to get over it,
but gets stuck fast.

This is way to much,
to much pain.
she begins to wonder,
am I even sane?

Will I ever begin
to just move on,
or will I be stuck
in this forever con?

Everything i do
is totally wrong,
Will this forever be
a broken song?

I don't want this,
no, please no more.
Can't you tell
You beat Sam sore?
She is not trying
to settle a score.

She just wants to
be able to walk
ad not falter when
she chooses to walk.

So, if you will,
please leave her alone
you may be able
to tell by her tone.

That she is
done and through
thanks to you
and your crew

Sam is now
no longer able to fend,
b/c her story has now
come to an end.


The author's comments:
No there is no girl named Sam, but the name fit and it stuck

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