There's The Door

May 27, 2010
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As I look up
And see a star,
I wonder
Just how dar.

What life
Would be
If it was
You and me.

You always hear
If together
You can stand
Any weather.

Closer we get,
You seem to ignite,
Out of nowhere
w/ a fite.

You always have
Up a big wall
And very tall.

Everytime that
You say goodbye,
I begin to break
Down and cry.

You seem to never
Care at all
no matter how far
I tend to fall.

You can break me
W/ a snap of the finger
I always
Seem to linger.

In your old
But there has never
Been ne deliverence.

In the deep
Hurtful pain,
That you push
even more invain.

Is this all a part
Of a scornful game?
That plays over and the
Players always the same?

What will
it take
For you to learn
From what you make?

That it's not
all that fun,
That it just
Hurts a ton.

W/ the same
Battle wounds
Yes, it really as
Bad as it sounds.

When will you realize
there is no score?
Until then,
There's the door!


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