October 24, 2007
You said you loved me and I loved you too,
Now I’m wondering if the words were even true,

You said you’d always be there when the times were bad,
But you never showed up and it made me sad,

You said that I would always have your heart,
As days turned to months we would grow farther apart,

You said that I needed to learn how to let go,
I would sit there in confusion not knowing what to do,

The day finally came when you broke me down,
I suddenly realized that this was life’s bound,

The day you came into my life my fairy tale had begun,
I never realized how wrong it could be and what it would become,

The way you said it wasn’t me but it was you,
To me was a lie, there must be something I didn’t do,

You left me in this unbearable pain,
Never really explaining why you were the one to blame,

There is only one thing in mind that I never got to ask you,
How do you say goodbye to someone you promised forever to?

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