A Few Reasons Why I Kiss You

October 23, 2007
Because there are rivers

And streams

And oceans
Or things that I can never tell you

But have to somehow show

Because I need one more excuse to touch you

Because I cannot reach into the safety net of your warm chest,
And extract your heart,
Kiss it,
Crown it,
Paint a mural on it,
Drape it in streamers,
Or throw confetti at it

Because there is only so much I can show you
Through smiles and hugs and words

Because sometimes my lips are the best demonstrators
With picketing lines and tactful signs

Because of times when the passion becomes so concentrated

Like paint without thinner

Or the potent juice of cranberries

Not yet distilled by water
That it forms a single pinpoint in my body
And the best way to let it out
Is through my lips

Because I cannot hug that small hole in your neck
Where converging ends of your clavicle meet
Because I cannot wrap my arms around it
But my lips fit wondrously

Because I like the taste of your tongue,

Sweet and foreign,
Against mine

Because in some other language unknown to mankind,
A kiss means I love you, You’re beautiful, and
Everything else I can’t say every time it crosses my mind

Because it’s one of the best differences
Between being with you
And being
On the phone with you

Because it’s an exchange
And I love doing business with you

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