Searching for a Fairy Tale

Silence my soul with the sound of a voice
You've made a choice
I've no need to rejoice
Nothing carries the same shape as your smile
No one fits to the form of your style
The imprint you made has left a hole in my heart
Forgive and Forget, now I don't know where to start
Only her eyes can repair, Nothing compares, To the magic in her stare
I'll disregard these recommendations
I'm still going to give my love to you
Take it or leave it
These words I say are true
Call me weak, call me a fool
This boy just doesn't know what else to do
Now as I sit upon the wreckage of my heart
I contemplate the mannerisms of the sun
I wonder if I am an angel or a martyr
Should I stick around
Or ignore the sound of her tune
I wonder if I am a savior or a fool
Should I sacrifice my soul
Loyally play the role of a Godsend
With a smile I let the chaos replace my skin
Wrapped up in desolation
My eyes need respiration
So I may discover the beauty in desperation
If I were to walk with angels
Would your beauty bring me back to earth
If I were to set my sights upon the horizon, Would your smile turn my gaze around
If I were to bury my longing in the sand
Would your eyes send me into the sea
Track marks represent all the occasions
I replaced love with sensations
Instead of peace I've ignorantly collected abrasions
Now I reside in the house of killing time
Counting down the days until I find what I'm searching for
Until I discover a replica of you
My problem exists in the fact that true beauty is not repeated
The originality of God turned out to be my curse
But I will pursue this hopeless endeavor
Because all the other roads will lead to an epilogue of my story
Pages, words, letters in which I have not lost faith in a happy ending
I wasn't aware that love was a force to be reckoned with
Now I know for sure that it has the power to create an image of riding into the sun
With a smile on my face
On the edge of the horizon
On the other side my love rides upon the stallion
But for now, she's waiting on the dark side of the moon
And until that portrait hangs upon my wall, Until that stallion is in my sight
Until I spread my wings and fly inside of the girl at the window
I will pursue a fairy tale
Where my self-destruction does not play a role
Where you are an outline upon my soul
Forever sealed within the heart you stole
Grant me a substance to numb the senses
So I may endure to the end of the road
Without a scar shaped like an angel

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