May 26, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m Superman, I’m Spiderman, and I’m Batman,
And Robin, but what is really happening is I am turning 3!
Confetti streams down and everybody cheers for in my mind.
The world feels so wonderful now, and it all because it’s my BIRTHDAY.
I cry and scream for attention from everybody around me,
So my parents make a big party to mention. The neighbors, the friends
All come over to play as I turn,
And stare with my eyes bulging out at the wonderful scene.
I feel the wind in my hair; I hear the laughs of my friends,
And what’s this I see, a TRAIN!? What a surprise.
I run to my parents and tell them what’s here,
They say, yep, that’s for you dear.
I scuttle to the front as I bring my toy whistle,
And I ride down the block with nothing in my mind,
With the exception of the thought of what’s happening.
I get back from my ride, and you can tell I’ve had a good time,
I say bye to Dan, Dan the choo-choo man, and run to my parents,
And give them a hug. “Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!!!!!!!!!”, everyone says.
I grin and smile and I felt special that day as should you all
Cause’ it’s your birthday.

The author's comments:
i read a prose that was about something about her childhood that she always will remember. and i did to. i wrote about my 3rd birthday and it was the birthday ive ever had, and that was the day that i felt the most special

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