May 26, 2010
By Emily Haile BRONZE, Springdale, Arkansas
Emily Haile BRONZE, Springdale, Arkansas
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HATE is just a feeling
We assume we feel,
You cannot feel hate.
Though you can hate someone
And be hated back.
But this hate is only an illusion
Created by jealousy and betrayal.
A toxic fume inspired by
The rumors and judgments.
There are two faces of hate though...
One is the kind I've already explained...
The other is the real thing,
Caused by pain and frustration.
When you're being put down,
What else is there to do but hate?
You can't believe in love and happiness if you haven't been exposed to it.
So as I see these righteous,
Ecstatic teenagers wander about,
I feel envious.
I have nobody
But myself to count on,
But that isn't even enough.
I have no emotion,
No amusement,
And no mental agility.

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