School Confines.

June 2, 2010
By fameinsanity SILVER, Staten Island, New York
fameinsanity SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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My mother screams and drags me out of bed
I stumble up and fall back into my dreams instead

Read my newspaper and sip my tea
If I’m so smart, a good student shouldn’t I be?

School feels like an ocean, and I’m a scaly fish that’s just too small
I wish my life meant more than those white four walls

In this ocean, my worth is determined by the height of my GPA
Nothing can change it, nothing I can write or say

Jungles, plains, and sugarcoated mountains have not seen me yet
Unlike the world I live in, these natural worlds are free from my binding sorrow and regret

The natural worlds where time is not measured in a Blackberry or watch, not issued for very high demand
But instead, time is measured in the sky, the sun serving as time’s hands.

The gentle sunlight that penetrates on your body and through your soul
Brings more order in the world, more than any school bell can control

This world that I live in? It’s simply not fit for my creative mind
This world is too shallow and bland for a girl of my kind.

This girl is like a rainbow - only visible to some and extremely hard to see
All the palettes of color that truly define me

Under all of the secrets and sins I have yet to confess,
lies a natural girl under this world’s mess.

So please, stop using my name in vain
then maybe, never again, will this girl feel restrained.

The author's comments:
I wanted this piece to be simple to understand for all struggling students out there, like myself.

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