Inside Your Head

June 2, 2010
By Her_Reply BRONZE, Ctpress, Texas
Her_Reply BRONZE, Ctpress, Texas
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I want to get within your head
is it alive or is it dead.
I want to be familiar with what you see
and evrything you want to be.
I want to get inside your brain
,and when im in i'll drive you insane.
I want to learn
what it is you yearn
what it is you want
but can never have

I want to get inside your heart
and when im in ill tear it apart,
break it to pieces,
cut it to strips,
put it back together,
and kiss it with my lips,

I want to know your inspiratons,and dreams
along with your secrets ,and schemes
I want to be your lover
and love you like no other

I want to rip your heart out of your chest
and hold it against my hollow breast
I want to get inside your head
it was alive, and now its dead

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