Love is a hot pink mirror

October 23, 2007
By Gabby Zelisko, Cheshire, CT

Love is a hot pink mirror.
A choice between the barrier.
Of her reflection or direction
Of who she wants to be.
Happiness is on the way
on this spontaneous day.
This is her part.
Knocking down with beautiful art.
A spoken out decoration of divine sublime.

Gushing with madness.
No more sadness.
Radiating from now on.
Transparent not in the least.
She acts like a beast.
Blazing her bruises.
She’s never loses.

Shimmering with ostentation.
There is no frustration.
Inside her she will explode. It will not hold.
Transforming dynamite to eloquent fireworks.

Now that she rehearsed.
She is ready to burst.

Her reflection on the streets
Her really cool beats.
Everyone already took their seats.

Hot pink lights upon her.
She’s in love.

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