Seasons of the Year

October 23, 2007
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Seasons of the year
Things to compare you to.
There is a twinkle in everyone’s eye.
You just have to notice it before it disappears.
Yours is small, yet disappears quickly.
A warm winter’s sun glazes the vivid snow.
That’s what your twinkle looks like.
I will never forget the look in your eyes.
Depressing and hopeful at the same time.
Sounds impossible, but you make everything possible.
That smile on your face compares to a blooming lily.
Soft and complex, nothing more nothing less.
Sweet and loving, makes me feel safe.
Lilies are the color to the black and white gloomy spring day.
Your smile brightens my world.
I cannot capture this on photography.
It is incomparable to the real thing.
Soft and sleek is your hair on a sunny humid summer’s day.
It is almost perfect, but there is no such thing as perfection.
When the sun hits your hair, I see highlights of red.
No one can see this because, they don’t look hard enough.
It is just one streak of beauty, which is unbelievable.
One of the many things of you I cannot capture.
Your writing is the best part of you that makes you wonderful.
It is beautiful and both meaningful like a fall’s day.
Something so beautifully written cannot come from someone like I.
From someone such as your self, it isn’t surprising.
With a complexion like yours, it isn’t hard to write.
These writings always bring a tear to my eye.
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Things that I use to compare you.

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