Jehovah's Witness

June 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Unearthly sensations swaddle my being
as a pulsing calling deafens my ear.
I turn my face from Reality’s clutches
and the sight of my companions disappear.

The comely woman, silky skin dark as night,
approaches slowly with shuffled steps
Her fierce eyes sparkle like paladins
and powerful words flow like honey from her lips.

While she softly speaks of heaven and all good
Everyone stops breathing and listens.
Briny tears burn the corners of my eyes
And the rain rages down in baptismal currents.

Suddenly, a torrent of ocean crashes into me
pulling me under with beckoning grace.
My hot tears whisk away in the salty sea
and tiny bubbles enthrone my body in elegant lace.

Warm steam pipes from my drowning being
like a burning coal I hiss and shine.
But underwater my red glows does not black out
Like the fiery bush housing heaven divine.

My naked form washes up on the paved shore
and I glisten bare and white for all to believe
But those surrounding gasp and turn to Reality
Who gives them a tangible embrace that all can perceive.

The author's comments:
When redeeming love knocks your breath square from you, but no one around seems to understand.

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