I’m from unfolded clothes

October 23, 2007
By milo strasser, Santa Cruz, CA

I’m from unfolded clothes and a sleepy brother
Streets with no sidewalks and ideas that were never thought through
From the smell of burnt toast to the taste of victory
I’m from loud mornings to lazy afternoons
Hiding from the sun and dancing in the rain
From falling asleep with loud music to hating our piano
I’m from water off a ducks back and it’s that word “just”
Falling out of trees to tug of war
Cats that attack dogs and showers that last to long
I’m from tag on the play structure to yoyos in the classroom
Wanting a tree fort to being to lazy to build one
From choking on butterscotch candy to drowning at swimming class
I’m from standing with crocodiles to homes away from home
Walking endless beaches and no more clam chowder

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