Lavished With Love

October 23, 2007
By Kelsie Ferguson, Argos, IN

This is a poem to my Mother
Whom I will treasure always..
whose gentle hands have soothed my every ache and pain and
whose nurturing arms embraced
my tear stained cheeks
‘Owie’ after ‘Boo-boo’, time and time again.
Whose loving smile, and loving hands could pry me from every
grumpy tantrum I encountered.
You were the gentle lullaby that put me to sleep, calming hands stroking

my soft blonde hair endlessly.
until sleepy eyelids slowly drooped shut.
Carrying me from the car-seat to my bed.
Teaching me to when to pick the raspberries at just the right time.
Letting me lick the bowl clean brownie mix after cake batter.
Lavishing me with kisses and hugs.
You were my

“later gator”
before every bus ride and I your

“soon baboon”
giggled back before trotting down the dusty driveway.
This is to you Mom.
Love, your Whirly-Girl.

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