This is a poem to my Dad

October 23, 2007
This is a poem to my Dad
Whose rough cheeks tickled
my own
bear hug after bear hug.
Whose blue eyes are now
my own.
Whose easy-going personality, sarcasm, sense of humor,
have all passed down to me.
You were the one who could catch baby bunnies time and time again, letting me play with them under the cap of your ford truck bed.
Whom I’ve looked up to time and time again,
searching for advice, encouragement, love.
All of which you were more than willing to give.
Who has made my favorite brown sugar oatmeal on cold winter mornings and grilled juicy burgers on hot Saturday afternoons.
Never once complaining, or asking for favors in return.
simply my love.
Whose arms were strong enough to pick me up whenever I fell, and yet
gentle enough
to lull me to sleep night after night.
Whom never raised an hand, but merely your voice, for that was enough for me to understand.
Remember this: “Boyfriend will hurt you, break your heart, make you cry, but your Dad will always be there for you.
This is to you Daddy.
My guardian, my role model, my hero.

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