October 23, 2007
Oregon, a breathtaking place,

Not our tall mountains,
But rolling hills,
Not dry deserts,
But lush forests,
Not snow and reservoirs,
But the ocean itself,

I drive through the astounding place,
I see countless trees,
Most stubborn,
Holding to summer's green leaves
Some are giving in,
To autumn's cool embrace,
Yellows, reds and oranges,
Stand out,
Catch my eye,
Makes my head turn,
Tyring to recieve nature's precious gift,

I come to the royal ocean,
With the scent of sweet salt,
The feel of the spray on my face,
The cool water pulls at my feet,
Sand invades my shoes,
With sunset's light pouring on my face,

Magnificent Oregon,
Heaven on earth.

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broncosandducks said...
Jan. 28, 2011 at 10:16 am
nice poem, that is so true tho
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