October 23, 2007
Is there a part of you
lurking in me?
Just waiting for
my subconscious
to set you free?
Just a minute piece
is all it takes
to build upon the
years of pain and hate.
I know they are there.
Just waiting for
the right moment
to enjoy my despair.
I can feel them at times
Screaming to come out.
The bad thoughts cross my mind.
The words want to escape.
But I will not let them
as I fight to control
my own fate.
And if a time comes
That I can no longer control them

Then I will have to
end it my way
I will have to
Let life go
For I can’t stand to feel like this
like I am becoming
What I hate
I need to be able to control
My life always
Always cold.
This is not the life
I chose for myself
Have taken over
what I once was
And I can feel the symptoms
Of you burning through my veins
but I need to forget
to stop this line of madness
to stop all the
generations of pain.
I need to control

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