When the cold dust sets

October 23, 2007
By Josh Mahoney, Hays, KS

When the cold dust sets
Into a brilliant scene across the vast blue sky
When the lights go out and the city falls asleep
We will run away into the fields
Away from the past and into our future
And as our candle goes out
The cold hard wax leaving our trial
We'll walk towards the sunset
Over the stiff cold dirt that
Leads us to our life
And as we might walk astrey at times
very well trying to make a drug of our God
We'll just look at each other
And realize how complete we are
So here I will hold you close
Under this sunset we chase
Nor but following the light
To get away from this place
Because at the sunset we find peace
And its what we seek

The leaving sun glistens in your eyes
As we stop and watch it go
No fear of running to the distance
When we were trying to get away from ourselves
The dirt starts to settle
Around our fragile bones
Keeping our figures lying still
As our legs leave us weary
And our hearts running thin
It felt good to have you near me
With your head tucked under my chin
It is not the past that makes us run
But into our future
Which now we have begun

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