It Takes Time

October 22, 2007
By Tremondae Branch, Flint, MI

As you must know, all things take time
But the penalty for not taking time is you not being mine
But you always want to get to know a person and where they stand
Its hard for me to feel you without yo palm in my hand
“It takes time”
I spit lines for 30 minutes and then we say goodbye
This makes me feel like a lost bird with no mother “Girl can I cry”
Now you leaving me for good and its all suppose to be ok
Naw it aint gone be alright if you aint down for ya boi tre!
“It takes Time”
I think if I give you my heart,
Its gone be hard for me to lose you without falling apart
“It Takes Time”
When I talk to you,
You take my troubles away.
You spittin me these words
That’s changing my heart everyday
“It Takes Time”
You changing my mind
About me being a playa in this world
But still you holdin me down tight,
Like you my wife or my girl,
“It Takes Time”
Now I’m gone make you wanna see me
Or imight be like Michael Jordan,
You a kid you wanna be me
“It Takes Time”
Now I’m gone end on a good note.
Anything just for your Boat, your Boat
“It Takes Time”
You’re my girl
I’m your man
“It Takes Time”
I got yo palm
In my hand
“It Takes Time”
I’m spittin lyrics
Now you sayin
“It Takes Time”
Now lets end this by sayin………..
Your ma girl
I’m your man
Now We got the world sayin
“It Takes Time”

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