The familiar emptiness

October 22, 2007
The familiar emptiness surrounds me again
A feeling of loneliness rises up from my toes
A sudden chill brushes through my bare cheeks
It is silent, really quiet
The only audible sound is the wind rustling
Against the fogged window
And the rapid beatings of my heart
Signaling the oncoming fear and panic
Around me, the walls of each direction start to slide backwards
Backing away from me, the once tiny room becomes larger and larger
Any sense of protected feeling is gone now
With me stranded alone in this foreign new space
Loneliness worsens the emptiness
I begin to suffocate

With just a blink of a second
The scene switches to a wet slippery street
Raindrops hit my eyelashes
Blurring my vision to the cars rushing before me
Through the unclear image I now perceive through my eyes
A car is parked just feet away
I wipe off the water forming a puddle near my eyes
Rainwater drips down my fingers
Looking at the direction of the car
The license plate tells me I should go to it
I drag me tired feet
Those feel like they weigh a thousand pounds
Slowly moving toward the car
The car is farther away the faster I approach it
Until the car is finally out of sight
And I sit on the ground
Cars are still moving next to me
The traffic moves like always, like nothing has happened
Yet I feel alone again

A migraine of dizziness comes over me
I am spinning at a rate
Faster than the blades inside a blender
Seconds later, I come to a halt
I open my eyes cautiously
A ray of blazing sunlight burns through my eyelids
I sit up on my bed, wiping off the cold sweats
Walk out the door and welcome another brand new day

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