Shattered Reality

October 22, 2007
She breathed his name
Said it in her sleep
It was his name
and his name only
that had her feeling so deep
he'd creep
into her mind
when she was barely thinking
then she'd start
back into depression
not clear
Almost like a dumb deer
in an open road
the car is watching
and she is waiting
for someone to hit her with
what's really going on
then the headlights flash on
then they flash back off
im stuck in a metaphysic puzzle
mean confusing yet soft
screaming and yelling yet with a muzzle
I cant hold on to this struggle
then the headlights flash back on
and now im thinking her thoughts
what am I doing?
In a whisper I say
You’re drinking life away
Where is my life?
Full with hurt and pain
Doesn’t even realize her life’s already slain
put away on a shelf
as she thinks to herself
Is this what it is?
Is this what its like?
To be hurt to the point where
I cant live a normal life
Do I really have to live
All this heartake and strife?
Then I wake up
and something’s not right
my hands bloody
ribs broken
legs bruised
blows coming down as if
im an unforgiven muse
I realize im being abused
someone help me
Im confused
I look up at my abuser
there's no one there
im getting more and more dizzy
as I try to stare
trying to find out
who is beating me this way
I get a mirror to see
who can beat me so helplessly
I see the same bloody deer from before
now I understand a little more
I find myself running toward and unlocked door
I rush it open as if an answer lies in the core
Needless to say
I saw my reflection looking back at me
I’ve become the deer and im in her body
She is screaming silently almost as a mute
now I really done know what’s going on
Hold on
I can read her lips
and her words are subtle and induced
“Are you that blind
Can’t you see?
You have become the deer you have seen
Do you not realize
you have embodied me?”

I blankly stare at her
not knowing what to say
Next thing I know
in a coffin I lay
as I see a priest
lean over me and pray
“Here lies a Shattered Reality”
Rest in Peace.

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