What's Left

October 22, 2007
By JessicaRose921 GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
JessicaRose921 GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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Swinging alone on a tireswing, outside my old house, I recall what I've left behind.
Moments of laughter and chear.
Being held when I was scared.
Falling off the swing, I cry out, but its only me.
The world's spinning as I sit, unstabble, on my knees.
The togetherness, and the meaningful words.
There were gifts, physical, and what goes straight to the heart.
And like that, it's raining, but not a cloud's in the sky.
Its the end of the world, but only in my eyes.
They told us we wouldnt last.
I've never been so strong.
Up on my feet, I walk towards the house, but I'm pushed to the ground.
Spinning, falling, crying, maybe even dying.
Movies all the time.
And lunch out for two.
We had stories, and loved moments.
The old house lifts off the ground, and falls back down.
Now everything's changed.
Inside, finally, and not a single memory lasts.
In this house holds not a story of me and you.
Now, its truly all part of my past.

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