Little Bird

June 3, 2010
By Erika Park BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
Erika Park BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
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Little Bird

A delicate little bird,
Sitting in a beautiful cage.
Though encrusted with jewels and pearls,
The cage is plain compared to the bird.

Singing a sad song,
The bird rests on its golden perch.
Plenty of food and drink it is being given,
But the bird is always weeping at its captivity.

Enraptured by this bird,
Is a prosperous merchant.
Carrying it with him at all times,
He always tears at the bird’s sad songs.

Feeling remorse,
He opens the bird’s cage.
With wings unfolded and spread out,
The bird soars out of the window and through the sky.

All alone once more,
The man feels abandoned.
Regretting his opening of the cage,
He grieves for the companionship of the bird.

His despair peaks,
But a beautiful song fills the air.
Overtaken with constrained emotions,
The merchant cries seeing the returned bird.

A delicate little bird,
Sitting on a branch of a tree.
Surrounded by greenery and flowers,
It sings a song of the joy of spring.

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