I am a strong person

October 22, 2007
By maeve mallory, Cincinnati, OH

My disability does not define me
Though it is here to stay, my condition will not worsen
There is no tape across my forehead labeled “cerebral palsy”
I’ve been confident enough to take it off years ago
I will run as fast as you if not faster
I am a strong person
I will walk as tall as you without slouching or being slow
As a little one, I did not crawl
Maeve was not like every other child
I am brave enough to say I am different
I have a physical disability, only mild
You may maximize my left side, maybe see something wrong
I look at my whole being as one, beautiful and right
This is the way God made me
I find no reason to put up a fight
Once upon a time, I wore a rainbow and pink cast
After that, on my tiny leg, I wore a brace
I may have a limp but I will skip
You can bet I’ll be wearing a smile on my face
No, I do not need your help
I can manage with one hand
With you, that’s going to be struggling
Hey, I understand
I can withstand any challenge, physical or mental
I will hold my own and stand my ground
Anything you can do, I can as well, if not better
I am courageous enough to rebound
I believe in possibility
I believe in hope
I believe in acceptance
I believe in not living life restrained by a rope

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