October 22, 2007
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A small tear forms in the corner of my eyes as I picture you beside me.

I picture your eyes gazing into mine, as I gaze back into yours.

As the tear begins to roll down my cheek, I hear your laugh, and I see your smile, as sweet as hunny.

I picture you beside me, your body next to mine, your hand intangled with mine.

There's a combination of happiness and pear sadness, only because it's all in my head.

One blink, and you are gone, out of my imagination, while still in my head.

The tears come more rapidly now, your face by mine. I touch my cheek, and you disappear.

You are gone, no longer by my side, only in my mind, I can see your smile, I can hear your laugh.

But only I can hear you, only I can see you. To everyone else you are not there. Gone.

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