Can I trust you?

October 22, 2007
By Brittany Husong, Overland Park, KS

Can I trust you? how long will we last...a year? maybe two? can i trust you? you found this place into my heart and your there for me when i need you. Who are you? what do you hide?

You stay with me in my catch me when i sing the song in my in my heart to me when i have forgotten are my best friend.

can i tell you the secrets in my heart? will you share with me yours? will forever i stay in your heart? If i promise that you'll stay in me the way... lead me along this winding path....this confusing path of a thing called life...crossing bridges with me when i'm scared...too scared of the other side...what lays give wings to fly...hold my hand in the sky...stong...tight...never let go...follow me and ill follow you...and we will call it best friends.

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