June 4, 2010
i was messed with so deeply that i couldn't see,
right to left, left to right,
a hundred feet away from me,
and you're all that's in sight,

you hinder everything,
what's up with that?
a giraffe towering so high i can't even see the sun,
i couldn't care less whether you needed to reach that apple from the tree,
you were so inconsiderate that you had to take away the light from me,
nothing but a boulder in my path,
i need you out of my way so i can continue on this path,
a path taking me to this place i call life,

i think it's about time you've became concious of the fact,
that you are nothing but a piece of math,
a complex equation i will never figure out,
i can go hour upon hour even day upon day,
that doesn't mean i'll be finding some band-aid solution to you anytime soon,

i just wish i could have known this long ago,
but you know,
i'm an elephant,
i don't forget things,
i've learned from my lessons,
i've secured myself with weapons for the next time you want to backstab me,
my heart is the chest for all the knives, guns, and bullets i contain,
don't tell me you want to be my friend,
just think twice before you want to mess with me again.

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