My Light

June 4, 2010
Where was my mind,
What the f--k was I thinking,
Who was I fooling when I said I don't like you one bit,

Whenever I see you if as if my heart blossoms like flowers in the spring,
You’ve cultivated every root its garden contains,
Feeding me through your watering pail of acknowledgement

I wish on you,
Wish on the clock,
Time floats past my eyes,
Just hoping we don't have to say goodbyes,

I've always wanted to tell you,
That sometimes I believe the stars tell us our destinies,
And it was tonight the stars,
They drew me your face,
I think they were telling me,
That you were meant to be somewhere in my life,

Whenever I see you it's as if my fears are taken into the sand,
Never to be seen again,
It just so happens that I see you everyday,
And the feeling's so undescribable that words can't say how I feel,

Whenever I see you,
There seems to be this lighting in the room,
As if a camera's flash was to boom,
Making me feel like I was drunk,
And it's moments like these,
Where I've seen heaven,

I don't even know what to do,
Because I don't know if I'll ever get a grasp of you,
Sometimes I wish I could be more nonchalant,
Let my feelings flow through my throat with ease,
Sometimes I wonder if you ever want to talk to me,

You may not know it but,
You’ve taught me so much,
Not to believe what others perceive of me to be,
To be a stronger being for my own welfare,
And to do what I think is right,
And I think it's alright when I say,
You are what makes me happy.

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