The Aftermath of You.

June 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The worst part out of all this,
Is that everything I feared happened.
You finally got tired-
Of everything I told you could go wrong.
You finally realized that,
I wasn't worth everything we had to deal with.
That you could get so much more,
From someone else for so much less.
Someone elses parents either wouldn't care
Or wouldn't make such a fuss.
You little player player playing the game.
Trying to win the jackpot.
The faster, the more you get.
The closer, the more you want.
All you want is a rush, an experience, the excitement.
You want a game; no strings attached.
No commitment. No hassle, no pain for you.
You'll mess with any girl that will let you through.
As if there weren't enough girls...
Who lust over you, eager to bare it all,
Put it all on the line just to say they had you.
But you don't want that, you just like how it feels.
You will never play with this piece again: too many pieces to fix.
You never wanted a friendship or relationship.
Those things require work.
You did enough to fool me,
And think you really wanted this,
But all along you just wanted to appear,
As if you were someone my parents could approve of.
You broke my heart, and hurt me more than I'll ever show,
The one thing you said you didn't want to do.
The days have passed but I miss you more and more.
I miss the way you made me feel.
The sensation of you against me.
The elations and happiness of sneaking a kiss.
The closeness and innocence of our smiles.
The tickle of the breath rolling off your lips.
The laughs, the mistakes, the heartbeats, the tingles.
The things that most remind me of you:
Your smell, your lips. Your hair, your eyes.
The thing I like the most: Your sincerety.
The way you said you liked me.
The things that every girl wishes.
I can't think of the last thing we did that you didn't like.
The last time we spent time together, it was the best.
Magical, sensational, the very best.
You praised me and we both knew we enjoyed it.
But now I'm left with this broken heart,
The headaches of too many tears,
The smiles that don't mean anything at all.
The feeling of numbness and emptiness.
The empty place beside me;
Where you should be.
And- I want you, to want me like, I've always wanted you.
I knew you'd be hard to hold on,
But you're the best thing that has happened to me.
The skies had never been so blue, the grass so green.
I miss the way you looked at me.
I miss you.
And you took a part of me,
And where I was missing pieces,
You filled them in with you.
We were intertwined.
The worst part, is that the aftermath, doesn't ever add up.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I was going through some bumps in a relationship I was in. We were apart for a short time, but it made me reflect on everything.

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